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About Red Squadron

Red Squadron Gaming Community (RSGC)

We were formed during a time when our loyalty to each other transcended the boundaries of our original guild. In June of 2010, our original fleet in Star Trek Online officially evolved into community which spans multiple online games. Today we seek to expand and nurture our growing player-base under the unifying banner of one community.

RSGC is committed to:
1. Promoting friendship and loyalty.
2. Being respectful to each other.
3. Encouraging cooperation.
4. Preserving the peace.
5. Having fun.

We offer Ventrilo, Facebook connectivity, and coordinated event scheduling. We are looking for people who are interested in guild activity to help the guild focus more on gaming. 

Our Primary method of communication out-of-game is through Facebook.

Our website is more a splash page used to direct people to the appropriate areas.

To join us on Facebook:


(If you apply to the Facebook group, please have your Facebook messaging settings on "Public".)

To join us on Ventrilo:

If you don't already have ventrilo, download it here: http://ventrilo.com/download.php

Server Hostname: voiceA1303.guildlaunch.net
Server Port: 4678
Click on 'connect'

"Always be loyal to your krewe." ~ Asura Proverb from Guild Wars 2.

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